ONE-HOUR PHOTO: Taking or making photographs?

We live in an increasingly visual world. To train our eyes and develop an attitude for our world and the tools we carry in our pockets on a daily basis – this is what this online course is all about.

For the actual training, we concentrate on the essentials, so that after one hour you have grasped the essence of photography. If you then have become interested in a more professional view of the subject, I have selected further recommendations for you.

My name is Andreas and I’m your lecturer in this course. I am a professor of photography and art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have held various one-man shows throughout Brazil, participated in group exhibits and have been working as a curator. In May 2018 I will have an exhibition in Berlin.

- Andreas Valentin, Website

This could be your stepping stone to the ever more important form of visual communication in our networked age. Be it in private networking, at your job or for your business, good photos will make a difference. And that’s what this course is about. Have fun!

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