Let us make together some money

The more people participate in the slack community, more dynamics can occur there in the discussion. Discussion means more quality ideally, unless we practice in the establishment of collective intelligence. The content value will grow and ultimately all win.


For this reason (and to include more people in the discourse), I'm planning a small promotion:

All members in the slack community work 4.0 can be the FLOWCAMPUS purchase price bring back, if they recruit at least 2 new members. From the 3. So even earned to person. This would be okay for you?

How it actually works?

It's really easy.


Her report on Digistore24 using this link, so that you will be automatically accepted as a partner for this product "Slack community to work 4.0".


It produces you a promotional link individualized for you:


In your "AFFILIATE" is replaced by your personal Digistore24 ID.

STEP 3 (optional)

To view the link E.g. on Twitter to "conceal" (and thus the click-through rates may be increasing), you can shorten the personalized promo link even via (or an other URL Shortener).


Their blog, Tweets, facebookt, emails etc. the advertising link. Get ready! All Community revenue generated through your link automatically flow to 50% on your account. Digistore24 care.

Sounds good? Then here a possible advertising…

(Disclaimer: I find advertising also goofy, but the way the world works unfortunately there.)


And here the correct HTML code for your sidebar widget or your blog post:

<a href="HIER DEIN OBEN GENERIERTER LINK"><img src=""></a>

That's it!


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