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Welcome to our premium community!

In the spring of 2016, we completed our 7-day MOOCS to work 4.0. At the same time or in advance, we had this "making of…" organized in slack. The slack community evolved into a "Follow up…", which significantly helped to set up the beacon with 4.0 MOOCS around on the regional education 4.0. And now there is us still and we work out the next steps. Currently, we are trying to understand the Blockchain…

In the slack community, various Exchange experts and interested parties to the fields of MOOCs and related subjects. New small teams working together on small projects are created. And ideally collaborative new services develop for the public.

Let us team playing and working together informally!

You are new and have no access yet to slack?

Your E-Mail address, with which you like to subscribe to slack in our community please send us the following form. We immediately invite you into our community. (You receive then an email to very email address.)

What is SLACK at all?

Slack is something like a communication centre, the team communication very efficiently organized.

Started they are optimized for mobile use as a better chat system. Today, some say, the online environment might make Google Apps competition soon. While Google Office thinking only in the cloud spouted off the old (Microsoft) and added to smart collaborative elements, is tantamount to slack of an agile transformation of existing structures.

Well, there are also other communication systems, which currently offer similar functionality. Slack is a pioneer and top dog but at the same time. And it doesn't hurt to come about this way of the future…

But why no longer work with Skype and emails? Then follows the link, please – it's an excerpt from my eBook to slack.

How do I start using slack?

I myself am a fan of learning by doing – so just jump in our community and try it out.

Who, however, wants to get a structured overview, the rich I our slack introduction as the expedition came in.

Access problems? Please contact Anja.

What's next?

Um es kurz zu fassen:
It's a very dynamic workspace, which you can create with. I follow no Metaplan and certainly not a course concept. We simply work together as temporary team: Let's make a MOOCS – or something else!

This workspace is an expression of our common work in progress. We strive to reduce the meta information to be no information overload to the absolute minimum.

If you have to slack questions, please put them in the slack community in the corresponding channel. Someone will answer it already by you or us.

Should you not understand anything in slack because you not can open it you, please don't be shy: just ask, as the others understand. Best equal in slack himself. Otherwise here below on the commentary function. "We make it!" 😉

If necessary, also a collection of FAQ you can this way create, making it easier for the others to orient faster. We always announce regular boarding sessions through our internal email Updater.

But now let's go!

Just jump into the cold water… We wish you lots of fun!

Still a little extra…

Because we are dealing with work 4.0, it is interesting in the meantime for many people as the working conditions of the corresponding services look. Here is a look at the current headquarters of slack:


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